Beyond dumping sites. Another life for the glass fibres of the aerogenerator blades

The European Project LIFE REFIBRE (LIFE16 ENV/ES/000192) has been approved in the 2016 LIFE Program and funded by the European Commission. LIFE is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU.

Best Practices Manual


The LIFE REFIBRE objective is to promote the integrated management of glass fibre reinforced plastic waste (GFRP), which make up the wind turbine blades once their useful life is finished, promoting the complete and high quality recyclability… 


The duration of REFIBRE LIFE project is 3 years and it is structured on 5 implementation tasks, 2 tasks of monitoring the impact of the project actions, 2 tasks of communication and dissemination and 2 tasks related to the management and coordination of the project… 

Expected results

The expected results from LIFE REFIBRE project will be: Feasibility demonstration of the pre-treatment of wind turbine blades in the wind farm, Creation of a logistic model of wind turbine blades for the suitable transport to the prototype plant for recycling them…

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Environmental awareness

Kg/h prototype recycling capacity

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increased road durability

Kg of CO2 stop emitting to the atmosphere

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