Participate in the project by answering a quick survey, it will only take you a few minutes, and you will be of great help.


Survey for Society

This brief survey aims to determine the opinion of the population about the LIFE REFIBRE Project.

In addition, it aims to know the impressions of the local society that have passed through the demonstration section built within the project.

It is an anonymous survey, it will only take you less than five minutes. Your answers will be very useful for us.

Thank you very much for your help.

Note: This survey is only available in spanish language.


Survey for Companies

LIFE REFIBRE invites you to participate as a follower in the project, becoming part of the LIFE REFIBRE community. This survey will serve to create a database with the results and contributions of interest for future projects or for the improvement of the existing LIFE REFIBRE project.

So please, complete the following questionnaire, it will not take more than 2 minutes.

All participants will be sent the Good Practice Manual with the final results of the project, as well as the Layman Report.

  • Survey 1. Wind farm that generates waste from wind turbine blades or waste manager from wind turbine blades:
  • Survey 2. Manufacturer of agglomerate asphalt:

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