Chronological ordered project advances

2019, September

Road demonstrator section construction with glass fibre
(12 September, 2019)
San Gregorio, has constructed the road demonstrator section with the glass fibre recovered from the wind turbine blades through mechanical recycling, in order to provide improved mechanical properties to road…

2019, May

Project monitoring meeting
(31 May, 2019)
A technical meeting was held at the INCOSA, Boecillo facilities, where all the project's advances were presented and administrative issues were discussed in view of the presentation of the Midterm…

Visit future road demonstration section
(17 May, 2019)
This morning, all project partners have been visiting the stretch of road that will be the road demonstration section where the glass fibre obtained by mechanical recycling of the wind…

2019, April

Seguimos obteniendo fibra de vidrio
(12 April, 2019)
Seguimos con el reciclaje de palas de aerogenerador, obteniendo buenos rendimientos y grandes cantidades de fibra de vidrio separadas de la madera y en condiciones óptimas para introducir en el…

2019, February

LIFE REFIBRE and the city council of Zamora
(1 February, 2019)
The city council of Zamora offers to LIFE REFIBRE project the Industrial Estate of la Hiniesta to develope the road demostrator of the project.

2019, January

(31 January, 2019)
FuturENVIRO, a digital magazine specialized in waste treatment, publishs an article about the actions developed into the framework of LIFE REFIBRE project. You can read the complete article in the…

LIFE REFIBRE as an innovative offer
(29 January, 2019)
Through this publication, public stakeholders in a different organization levels (local, regional, and national) can know the advantages that LIFE REFIBRE project can offer to the road infrastructures sector.

(15 January, 2019)
Due to the celebration of the Environmental National Congress (CONAMA), hold in Madrid, LIFE REFIBRE Project has been made known to Circular Economy stakeholders.

2018, November

Caracterización de las mezclas de pavimento asfáltico
(8 November, 2018)
Tras la realización de las mezclas de pavimento asfáltico se está procediendo a su caracterización. Con el fin de conocer las propiedades que las distintas formulaciones confieren al pavimento, durante…

Designing asphalt paviment mixtures with fibre
(5 November, 2018)
After the characterization of the milling samples we have started with the desing of the asphalt paviment mixtures. During this task we are designing and testing differents asphalt paviment mixtures…