Project actions

The duration of REFIBRE LIFE project is 3 years and it is structured on 5 implementation tasks, 2 tasks of monitoring the impact of the project actions, 2 tasks of communication and dissemination and 2 tasks related to the management and coordination of the project.

Within the implementation tasks, the following activities will be carried out:

Implementation taks
Optimization of the logistic method and of the collection and management of wind turbine blades waste, making a pre-treatment of this waste in the wind farm.
Construction of a prototype by which wind turbine blades collected previously will be mechanically recycled.
Production of glass fibres, which will be characterized to establish the optimal dosages for their incorporation into asphalt mixtures.
Construction of 1.500 meters of asphalt pavement and continuous analysis of the variation of its mechanical properties, to demonstrate the beneficial contribution of these fibres to the pavement.

This proposal has integrated an important package of measures to promote dissemination focused on different target audiences and of course the different stakeholders involved in order to disseminate the project results and increase its media impact.

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