San Gregorio, has constructed the road demonstrator section with the glass fibre recovered from the wind turbine blades through mechanical recycling, in order to provide improved mechanical properties to road surfaces.

Glass fibres have been added to the mixture in the manufacturing process, when the aggregates and bitumen have already been dosed according to the working formula and are in the mixer. Therefore, the agglomerate will already have the glass fibres included during transport to the paver.

The road section chosen has been at the entrance of Toro (Zamora), on the N-122, link with the A-11, section ZA-705.

This section consists of 1.500 m, which are divided into 300 m sections with the following fibre dosages, 0%, 0.5%, 0.75%, 0.85%, and 1%.

From now on, continuous monitoring of the demonstration section will be carried out, seeing its behavior and verifying that the mechanical properties, as well as its durability, improve as expected.

Thanks the collaboration of the Junta de Castilla y León (Ministry of Development and Environment Zamora) for the transfer of the road section.

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