LIFE REFIBRE project invites you to a new workshop: USES OF RECYCLED GLASS FIBRE. It will take place on September 11st, from 10:00 to 14:00 at AEICE headquarters.

The workshop will focus on the different uses of recycled fiberglass as an innovative process within the circular economy.

The objectives that are proposed to be achieved are the dissemination of knowledge, sharing experiences and lessons learned in the development of the project, spreading innovation, and learning from the experts.

This seeks to obtain first-line information for attendees. A simple and direct way of transmitting knowledge through the explanation of methodologies and systems used to reuse fiberglass using circular economy.The event is divided into four themed blocks. The first addresses the national circular economy strategy which, along the lines of previous workshops, has a broader scale than the ones previously referred on local and regional circular economy. This block will emphasize the importance of material reuse and recycling to create a positive impact on the value chain, reducing waste and leveraging available resources, thus extending the product lifecycle.

After this first part, we will continue with a reflection on the importance of collaboration in the field of innovation to achieve better results through the knowledge of different methods and visions to stand out in the construction sector and provide a benefit to society. To do this, we will have the participation of expert researchers and, the most industrial business vision.

The workshop will conclude with the participation of different managers of European projects who will share with us experiences and practical cases in the application of the reuse of fiberglass in sectors such as aerospace or naval.