Advances history

2020, December

WORKSHOP 5 LIFE REFIBRE – REFIBRE project transfer of knowledge
(18 December, 2020)
On 17th December 2020, the fifth and last workshop of the project LIFE REFIBRE - Transfer of the final results of the REFIBRE project was held, organized by CARTIF, with…

2020, November

Fourth NEEMO monitoring visit
(27 November, 2020)
On 26th November 2020, the fourth and last project monitoring meeting was held by Josefa Diamantopoulus de Neemo. This meeting was held online by all project partners, due to COVID-19…

2020, September

Workshop 4 LIFE REFIBRE – Uses of recycled glass fibre
(14 September, 2020)
On September 11st, the fourth workshop of the LIFE REFIBRE project - Uses of recycled glass fibre, organized by BLASGON, with the participation of the rest of the project partners…

2020, August

Workshop 3 LIFE REFIBRE – Innovative solutions in pavements
(3 August, 2020)
On July 30th, thethird workshop of the LIFE REFIBRE project - From waste to resource, organized by SAN GREGORIO, with the participation of the rest of the project partners (BLASGON,…

2020, July

Workshop 2 LIFE REFIBRE – From waste to resource
(10 July, 2020)
LIFE REFIBRE project seeks a joint strategy of all its agents on Ecodesign and Circular Economy. The need to think about the environment and the people within Construction and Industry…

2020, April

Second promotional video for the project
(1 April, 2020)
The second promotional video for the project is now available on YouTube.This video shows the main actions carried out by the project partners, as well as the most significant results…

2020, February

NEEMO monitoring meeting
(28 February, 2020)
On February 26 and 27, the third project monitoring meeting was held by Josefa Diamantopoulus de Neemo in Valladolid. In the meeting, all the technical advances made since the beginning…

2019, November

Working on the study of industrial viability
(26 November, 2019)
[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text] LIFE REFIBRE partners, CARTIF, Blasgon and San Gregorio, are already working together in action B.5 to carry out a study of the industrial implementation of the process developed…

2019, October

Project monitoring meeting
(30 October, 2019)
Today, a technical meeting was held at Colegio de Caminos facilities in Valladolid, in which the monitoring of the road demonstrator section were discussed, as well as the following technical…

2019, September

Road demonstrator section construction with glass fibre
(12 September, 2019)
San Gregorio, has constructed the road demonstrator section with the glass fibre recovered from the wind turbine blades through mechanical recycling, in order to provide improved mechanical properties to road…

2019, May

Project monitoring meeting
(31 May, 2019)
A technical meeting was held at the INCOSA, Boecillo facilities, where all the project's advances were presented and administrative issues were discussed in view of the presentation of the Midterm…

Visit future road demonstration section
(17 May, 2019)
This morning, all project partners have been visiting the stretch of road that will be the road demonstration section where the glass fibre obtained by mechanical recycling of the wind…

2019, April

We keep getting fiberglass
(12 April, 2019)
We continue with the recycling of wind turbine blades, obtaining good yields and large amounts of fiberglass separated from the wood and in optimal conditions to enter the asphaltic firm.…

2019, February

Second monitoring meeting NEEMO-IDOM
(8 February, 2019)
On Febrery 7th, the second monitoring meeting of LIFE REFIBRE project was held at BLASGON facilities, in Aranda de Duero (Burgos, Spain), where is located the mechanical prototype plant. During…

LIFE REFIBRE and the city council of Zamora
(1 February, 2019)
The city council of Zamora offers to LIFE REFIBRE project the Industrial Estate of la Hiniesta to develope the road demostrator of the project.

2019, January

LIFE REFIBRE as an innovative offer
(29 January, 2019)
Through this publication, public stakeholders in a different organization levels (local, regional, and national) can know the advantages that LIFE REFIBRE project can offer to the road infrastructures sector. (Click…

(15 January, 2019)
Due to the celebration of the Environmental National Congress (CONAMA), hold in Madrid, LIFE REFIBRE Project has been made known to Circular Economy stakeholders.

(2 January, 2019)
FuturENVIRO, a digital magazine specialized in waste treatment, publishs an article about the actions developed into the framework of LIFE REFIBRE project. You can read the complete article in the…

2018, November

Characterization of asphalt pavement mixtures
(8 November, 2018)
After the realization of the asphalt pavement mixtures, its characterization is proceeding. In order to know the properties that the different formulations confer to the pavement, during this task, the…

Designing asphalt paviment mixtures with fibre
(5 November, 2018)
After the characterization of the milling samples we have started with the desing of the asphalt paviment mixtures. During this task we are designing and testing differents asphalt paviment mixtures…

2018, September

Collection of blades completed
(28 September, 2018)
BLASGON has already collected 12 wind turbine blades out of use, necessary for the execution of the project. All of them have been previously cut in the wind farm to…

2018, May

Firtst monitoring meeting NEEMO-IDOM / EASME
(30 May, 2018)
On May 25th, the first monitoring meeting of LIFE REFIBRE project was held at ICCL facilities, in Burgos (Spain). During the meeting, the project team together with the NEEMO external…

(21 May, 2018)
On May 18th, LIFE REFIBRE and LIFE BRIO projects partners held a meeting in Madrid, in IBERDROLA facilities, in order to start working more closely together sharing knowledge and experiences.…

2nd periodic meeting of the LIFE REFIBRE project
(4 May, 2018)
On May 3, the second follow-up meeting of the LIFE REFIBRE project was held at the CARTIF facilities, Boecillo, in which we evaluated the progess of the project and prepared…

2018, April

Optimal logistic model performed
(30 April, 2018)
A study has been carried out to obtain an optimized logistic model, to collect the blades of wind turbine out of use from the origin and transport them to the…

First milling test
(24 April, 2018)
During the test, representative specimens of aerogenerator blades collected were milled in a hammer mill during differents residence time in it. Through this test, we have known the behaviour of…

First promotional video
(5 April, 2018)
The first promotional video of the project is available on YouTube. It shows the main objectives, the expected results, the partners and the financial contribution of the project. You can watch…

2018, March

Dissemination material is ready
(23 March, 2018)
We already have all the project dissemination material: Brochures, Roll-Up, poster and working folders. You can view it whitin the section Documents.

Action of gathering useless aerogenerator blades continues
(21 March, 2018)
Excellent work! Currently, BLASGON is working actively on gathering useless aerogenerator blades as part of work to be developed within the action B1, the creation of a logistic model for…

2018, February

Life Cycle Assessment. Baseline scenarios.
(8 February, 2018)
Life Cycle Assessment of the project`s baseline scenarios, landfill and incineration of the wind turbine blades which have reached their end of life, is already done and it includes the…

2018, January

1st periodic meeting of the LIFE REFIBRE project
(29 January, 2018)
On January 26, the first follow-up meeting of the LIFE REFIBRE project was held at the INCOSA facilities, Boecillo, in which the first four months of the project were evaluated.

2017, November

LIFE REFIBRE kick-off meeting project
(9 November, 2017)
November 09, 2017, at the facilities of Instituto de la Construcción de Castilla y León, ICCL (Burgos), LIFE REFIBRE kick-off meeting project was held, financed by the European Commission through…

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