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2021, June

LIFE REFIBRE in Composites and Sustainability 2021
(11 June, 2021)
During the 3-day online forum "Composites and Sustainability", LIFE REFIBRE will paticipate attending the presentations from a total of 10 European countries, as well as a top-class panel discussion. In…

Circular Economy Workshop of AEE
(11 June, 2021)
LIFE REFIBRE has been present on 8th June at the Circular Economy Workshop organized by the Asociación Empresarial Eólica within the framework of the Wind Congress to be held between…

(11 June, 2021)
An article of LIFE REFIBRE project has been published in AMBIENTA magazine, edited by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. The article has been published in…

2021, May

(31 May, 2021)
LIFE REFIBRE, through CARTIF, will attend the JEC COMPOSITES CONNECT 2021 digital event, held on 1st and 2nd June. LIFE REFIBRE will be able to network with specialists in the…

(12 May, 2021)
LIFE REFIBRE will be present from 31st May to 3rd June 2021 at the National Congress of the Environment (CONAMA) where an article of the project will be published in…

2021, April

WEBINAR: Reuse of composite materials from the wind sector in asphalt pavements – LIFE REFIBRE
(14 April, 2021)
On 27th May, Alicia Aguado, researcher in the Circular Economy Area of ​​CARTIF, partner of the LIFE REFIBRE project, will impart a webinar on the Reuse of composite materials from…

International Road Day #IRMD2021
(8 April, 2021)
Today, 8th April, is International Road Conservation Day #IRMD. For this reason, LIFE REFIBRE, through its partner CARTIF, participates in the International Road Day #IRMD2021. The influence of the state…

2021, March

LIFE REFIBRE in the magazine Energías Renovables
(10 March, 2021)
The Renewable Energies magazine in its March 2021 issue, publishes an article of the good results obtained from the LIFE REFIBRE project. Through this link it can be seen the…

2020, December

WORKSHOP 5 LIFE REFIBRE – REFIBRE project transfer of knowledge
(18 December, 2020)
On 17th December 2020, the fifth and last workshop of the project LIFE REFIBRE - Transfer of the final results of the REFIBRE project was held, organized by CARTIF, with…

XV National Conference of ASEFMA
(3 December, 2020)
On 1st and 2nd December 2020, the XV National Conference of ASEFMA: Sustainability, circular economy and waste management: milling from asphalt pavements was virtually attended. The objective of this conference…

2020, November

Interview Awards INNOVADORES 2020 El Mundo Castilla y León
(25 November, 2020)
On November 5th, due to the INNOVADORES2020 award received by the LIFE REFIBRE project and awarded by El Mundo Innovadores Castilla y León, a CARTIF interview is held.

(16 November, 2020)
LIFE REFIBRE project has received the award for the best project of the year from El Mundo de Castilla y León. Adriana Ulibarri, CEO of Edigrup Media, presented the award…

(13 November, 2020)
The VI edition of INNOVACARRETERA 2020 has been held on November 11 and 12 virtually given the special circumstances of this year. In Innovacarretera you can discover a new world…

2020, September

Conference on Innovation with plastics for a Circular Economy
(24 September, 2020)
On 16th September 2020, an online conference was held on Innovation with Plastics to achieve a Circular Economy. On 23rd September 2020, continue with the theme being the Chemical Recycling…

LIFE REFIBRE interview in Innovadores El Mundo Castilla y León
(16 September, 2020)
On September 15th, an interview was conducted with partners of the LIFE REFIBRE project, which was published in the newspaper El Mundo in its Innovadores Castilla y León section.

Workshop 4 LIFE REFIBRE – Uses of recycled glass fibre
(14 September, 2020)
On September 11st, the fourth workshop of the LIFE REFIBRE project - Uses of recycled glass fibre, organized by BLASGON, with the participation of the rest of the project partners…

(3 September, 2020)
LIFE REFIBRE project invites you to a new workshop: USES OF RECYCLED GLASS FIBRE. It will take place on September 11st, from 10:00 to 14:00 at AEICE headquarters. The workshop…

2020, August

Technical project meeting
(27 August, 2020)
On 24th August, partners of LIFE REFIBRE project met at INCOSA facilities to follow up on the technical activities that involve the feseability and industrial replication of the project.

Workshop 3 LIFE REFIBRE – Innovative solutions in pavements
(3 August, 2020)
On July 30th, thethird workshop of the LIFE REFIBRE project - From waste to resource, organized by SAN GREGORIO, with the participation of the rest of the project partners (BLASGON,…

2020, July

Report to LIFE REFIBRE on TV Castilla y León
(24 July, 2020)
On July 23rd 2020, a report made to the LIFE REFIBRE project appears on TV Castilla y León. Below, it can be seen the report on the news of TV…

(22 July, 2020)
LIFE REFIBRE project invites you to a new workshop: INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS IN PAVEMENTES. It will take place on July 30th, from 10:00 to 14:00 at AEICE headquarters. The workshop will…

Workshop 2 LIFE REFIBRE – From waste to resource
(10 July, 2020)
LIFE REFIBRE project seeks a joint strategy of all its agents on Ecodesign and Circular Economy. The need to think about the environment and the people within Construction and Industry…

(1 July, 2020)
LIFE REFIBRE project invites you to a new workshop: FROM WASTE TO RESOURCE. It will take place on July 7th, from 10:00 to 14:00 at AEICE headquarters. The workshop will…

2020, May

I Digital Conference of ASEFMA
(12 May, 2020)
On 11st May 2020, the First Digital Conference of the Spanish Association of Asphalt Mix Manufacturers (ASEFMA) was held. This conference has been developed completely digitally, due to COVID-19, and…

2020, April

IRMD 2020
(1 April, 2020)
On April 2, to mark International Highway Conservation Day (IRMD), an event promoted by ASEFMA will take place. Picking up the motto "preserving roads is preserving the environment",, 19…

2020, February

(7 February, 2020)
On 7th February, LIFE REFIBRE assists to GENERA2020, the International Energy and Environment Fair, which was held at the IFEMA in Madrid.There were a total of 187 exhibitors, with 61…

Meeting of the project in INCOSA
(5 February, 2020)
On 5th February, all the partners of LIFE REFIBRE project met at INCOSA to follow up on all the technical activities that are currently being carried out.

2020, January

Level(s) event
(27 January, 2020)
On January 27, a conference on Circular Economy in the building sector was attended, where the recovery of the natural dynamics by which the use of resources is rationalized was…

2019, December

(18 December, 2019)
On December 17, a report on LIFE REFIBRE project was issued in the news of Castilla y León Televisión, due to the organization of Workshop 1 LIFE REFIBRE - Evolution,…

(17 December, 2019)
On December 17, the first workshop of the LIFE REFIBRE project - Evolution, treatment and management of wind farm waste was held. Intersectoral response of wind farm waste management. The…

Visit students University of Salamanca
(16 December, 2019)
Students of the Chemistry Degree of the University of Salamanca visited CARTIF facilities.During the visit, they learned about the objectives, the activities developed and the results obtained within the LIFE…

Workshop 1 LIFE REFIBRE – Evolution, treatment and management of wind farm waste
(11 December, 2019)
On 17th December, the first workshop of the LIFE REFIBRE project will be held at the AEICE facilities in Valladolid from 10:00 to 2:00. This workshop aims to publicize the…

2019, November

(22 November, 2019)
FuturENVIRO digital journal has published an article about the recycling activities carried out in LIFE REFIBRE project, in its special number of waste for the month of October. The article…

2019, October

LIFE REFIBRE in Innovacarretera 2019
(31 October, 2019)
On 29th, 30th and 31st of October, the V edition of INNOVACARRETERA2019 was held in Santiago de Compostela. It is the Biennial Fair of Technological Demonstration of the Road Infrastructure…

2019, September

Event Innovation with Plastics for a Circular Economy
(24 September, 2019)
On September 24, the Event Innovation with Plastics for a Circular Economy held in Madrid organized by PlasticsEurope and Suschem, in order to value the innovation necessary for sectors such…

Road demonstrator section construction with glass fibre
(12 September, 2019)
San Gregorio, has constructed the road demonstrator section with the glass fibre recovered from the wind turbine blades through mechanical recycling, in order to provide improved mechanical properties to road…

2019, June

7th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management
(26 June, 2019)
Alicia Aguado attended the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management representative of LIFE REFIBRE project by Cartif. The congress was held in Heraklion (Crete) from June 26 to…

2019, May

Conference on circular economy in the construction sector
(23 May, 2019)
On May 23th, LIFE REFIBRE project was present at the Conference on Circular Economy in the construction sector held at the Polytechnic School of Burgos, where ICCL has made a…

Visit future road demonstration section
(17 May, 2019)
This morning, all project partners have been visiting the stretch of road that will be the road demonstration section where the glass fibre obtained by mechanical recycling of the wind…

2019, April

We keep getting fiberglass
(12 April, 2019)
We continue with the recycling of wind turbine blades, obtaining good yields and large amounts of fiberglass separated from the wood and in optimal conditions to enter the asphaltic firm.…

LIFE REFIBRE in WindEurope 2019
(4 April, 2019)
On 3rd April, researchers from CARTIF visited the WindEurope 2019 Conference & Exhibition. During the visit dissemination actions were developed in order to establish future collaborations with the wind energy…

2019, March

ITE+3R Congress
(27 March, 2019)
On March 26 and 27, LIFE REFIBRE project has participated in the II edition of the ITE+3R Congress, of the Technical Inspection of Buildings for Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Urban Renewal,…

(15 March, 2019)
On 12th March, El Diario de Valladolid, in INNOVADORES Castilla y León section, published an article about LIFE REFIBRE project.

LIFE REFIBRE in ConstruArq2019
(13 March, 2019)
On 12th March, our colleagues from the Institute of the Construction of Castilla y León (ICCL) exposed the Circular Economy concept in the VIII Edition of ConstruArq2019 organised by the…

LIFE REFIBRE in European Comission web page
(12 March, 2019)
On March 8th, a post of LIFE REFIBRE project have been published in The European Comission web page. You can read the article in the following link.

2019, February

Second monitoring meeting NEEMO-IDOM
(8 February, 2019)
On Febrery 7th, the second monitoring meeting of LIFE REFIBRE project was held at BLASGON facilities, in Aranda de Duero (Burgos, Spain), where is located the mechanical prototype plant. During…

Blog: Buscamos respuestas
(4 February, 2019)
LIFE REFIBRE project, through an entry in the CARTIF blog, gives visibility to the concept of Circular Economy, showing the main objective and the tasks developed within the framework of…

LIFE REFIBRE and the city council of Zamora
(1 February, 2019)
The city council of Zamora offers to LIFE REFIBRE project the Industrial Estate of la Hiniesta to develope the road demostrator of the project.

2019, January

LIFE REFIBRE as an innovative offer
(29 January, 2019)
Through this publication, public stakeholders in a different organization levels (local, regional, and national) can know the advantages that LIFE REFIBRE project can offer to the road infrastructures sector. (Click…

(15 January, 2019)
Due to the celebration of the Environmental National Congress (CONAMA), hold in Madrid, LIFE REFIBRE Project has been made known to Circular Economy stakeholders.

(2 January, 2019)
FuturENVIRO, a digital magazine specialized in waste treatment, publishs an article about the actions developed into the framework of LIFE REFIBRE project. You can read the complete article in the…

2018, December

Technical meeting
(14 December, 2018)
On October 13, a technical meeting was held at the INCOSA facilities, Boecillo, in which we submitted the technological advances carried out in the optimization of the recycling prototype plant…

2018, November

Characterization of asphalt pavement mixtures
(8 November, 2018)
After the realization of the asphalt pavement mixtures, its characterization is proceeding. In order to know the properties that the different formulations confer to the pavement, during this task, the…

Designing asphalt paviment mixtures with fibre
(5 November, 2018)
After the characterization of the milling samples we have started with the desing of the asphalt paviment mixtures. During this task we are designing and testing differents asphalt paviment mixtures…

2018, May

Firtst monitoring meeting NEEMO-IDOM / EASME
(30 May, 2018)
On May 25th, the first monitoring meeting of LIFE REFIBRE project was held at ICCL facilities, in Burgos (Spain). During the meeting, the project team together with the NEEMO external…

(21 May, 2018)
On May 18th, LIFE REFIBRE and LIFE BRIO projects partners held a meeting in Madrid, in IBERDROLA facilities, in order to start working more closely together sharing knowledge and experiences.…

2018, April

Students from University of Salamanca know LIFE REFIBRE
(27 April, 2018)
On 25th April, students of Chemistry Degree from the University of Salamanca visited the facilities of CARTIF. During the visit, they knew the aims and the activities developed whithin the…

2018, March

(15 March, 2018)
On March 12, TV news of Castilla y León Televisión broadcasted an interview in which CARTIF team talk about the project. You can watch the complete interview in the following…

LIFE REFIBRE in press media
(9 March, 2018)
María Isabel de Blas, manager of our partner BLASGON, describing LIFE REFIBRE in the magazine Castilla y León economic. We can read the press report on the following link.

2018, January

LIFE REFIBRE at the Digital Management of Waste Production and Use Conference
(18 January, 2018)
LIFE REFIBRE project was present at the Digital Management of Waste Production and Use Conference held at the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valladolid. Cartif has been made…

2017, November

(7 November, 2017)
LIFE REFIBRE was present at the INNOVACARRETERA2017 event, the Technological Demonstration Fair of the Road Infrastructure Sector. A stand was available, in which CARTIF participated with several of its projects…

2017, October

Kick-off meeting of LIFE16 projects in Brussels
(25 October, 2017)
LIFE REFIBRE project has participated in the kick-off meeting for LIFE16 projects in Brussels, Belgium, in the premises of the European Commission, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME),…

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